Thursday, 5 September 2013

Welcome to the Field School

Hello and welcome to the Quidi Vidi Field Blog. In this digital space, incoming graduate students to MUN’s Folklore Department will be sharing some of their fieldwork discoveries. Throughout the month of September, 2013, as part of their graduate program requirements, these students will be stationed in QV to learn about a variety of different cultural documentation methods, all from a folkloristic perspective. Some of their research endeavors will include oral history interviews, documentation photography, and floor-plan creation, ultimately aiming to capture some of the local culture and traditions.

In preparation for this field school, I have contacted fishing stage owners and homeowners alike to request their participation in this project. The reaction from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive. For these long-time residents, to be involved in this project will give them an opportunity to share knowledge, stories, and life experiences that may otherwise go unheard. Based on my interactions so far, I can safely say that this field school has great potential. Together we will enter a world of personal reflection, community-building activities, and cross-generational dialogues. So much has already been shared, and there is certainly much more to come.

Wendell Gray's father fishing in Quidi Vidi.
As a result of the field school, a booklet featuring student writings, drawings, and photographs will be printed and distributed to community members. Fieldwork materials will also be made available to the public through MUN’s Digital Archives Initiative. This is an incredible opportunity for the students, and we are all looking forward to what they learn about the people of Quidi Vidi, as well as this amazing place--an old fishing village confronting great change in St. John’s.

Good luck to everyone involved, and please feel free to follow this blog!

Lisa Wilson

Heritage Outreach Officer

Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador

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