Sunday, 15 September 2013

Photos From My Wanderings: A Guest Post by Lisa

Dr. Pocius and Guha Shankar (guest lecturer) prepare the equipment for our staged interview with China Snow. 
The amazingly knowledgable China Snow engages Dr. Pocius with information around the local fishery. 

During an oral history with Peggy, she rifles through old papers she has collected on life in QV over the years.

Peg, now in her 90s,  pulls out an old photograph of her daughter when she was just a toddler. 
Residents Greg Walsh, Eric Sneligrove and Aiden Duff take a moment to pose for a photograph.
Aiden Duff, a heritage carpenter, stands back to reflect on his day's work.
Ignored objects in QV, found along the path behind the Sneligrove's place (known as "the lane way.") 
In the Ring house, one can learn about the importance of displaying family achievements. 
The home can also be a place for demonstrating faith and nostalgia (I like the archival photograph of the Newfie Bullet on the wall). 
The brick interior of the Barnes' shed, with his important nautical-themed objects scattered about. 
Johnny Barnes, always agreeable and willing to pose, holds up some ephemera from his personal collection.

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