Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Real Stars of Quidi Vidi

We have come to meet a great assortment of people at Quidi Vidi. They have all been kind and open, despite us bungling through their homes. Today, I would like two focus on two of the village's most famous citizens. Both of them have captured our hearts and imaginations. Their names are Queen and Comet. This blog post is dedicated to them, with profiles to give the reader an idea of their greatness. Without further ado...  

Queen Sniffing about

Queen is a member of the Barnes family, who live in the heart of the village. She is a stout mixed breed with a long golden coat. She can be seen wandering with Johnny or Anne, always with a happy expression on her face. She loves meeting new people, and always welcomes being pet. Her greatest talent is posing for photos by sitting down and raising her paw. Queen does have one weakness though.  Despite living at the edge of the ocean, Queen is afraid of water. But who can blame her? The waters of Newfoundland are freezing!

Comet taking a well deserved rest

Comet is the dog of Peggy, a long time resident of Quidi Vidi. He is a long haired beagle, with looks rare for his breed. Comet is of Scottish decent, with his great grandmother originating from the Isle of Skye. Amazingly this dog is 15 years old. The advancing years have not slowed him down. Comet can be seen frolicking and playing in Peggy's yard with the energy of a 2 year old dog. His favorite past time is lying on the lap of Peggy, remaining her faithful companion for all these many years.

Disclaimer: There is one resident of Quid Vidi who's demeanor is not so kind. He is calico cat with an orange blotch on his head. I do not know his name, but i have taken to calling him "pumpkin head". He may look innocent enough sleeping on a bench, but he is not to be trifled with. This cat has already made an attack on me, and I fear he may do the same to others. Beware this menace! 

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