Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Some Things Never Change

     I set off into the village today in hopes of being able to find a topic for my tradition essay. I eventually came across Eric Sneligrove working in his basement. Grasping the opportunity, I asked him;

 "Do you know of any local traditions?"

 His response was blunt. "Just fishing".
     With all the modern buildings and tourist attractions, it can be hard to remember that Quidi Vidi at its heart is a fishing town. The now famous Quidi Vidi Brewery was once a fish processing plant. Where there is now a large vacant building next to the Plantation, once stood a fish market. Everywhere one looks, the influence of the fishery upon the village can be found. When the whole group of us visited the new building being constructed along the shore, we were greeted by the rotting remains of a gutted cod. 

Fresh cod head, yummmm.

As unsightly as the head may be, it reminded me that fishing still thrives here. Despite the restrictions placed on them, fishermen here continue to practice their craft. Just as they always have, they navigate their ships through the Gut in hope of a good catch. While the Quidi Vidi may be unrecognizable to those from a few generations past, it hosts the same activity since its conception.

     The lesson I have taken from today is that no matter which tradition I decide to focus my essay on, it will be tied into fish one way or another. There is no way to discuss anything here without the fishery being a subject. King Cod still rules here, and I will have to pay my respects. When someone asks me what Quidi Vidi is all about, I will be tempted to respond;

"Just fishing".

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