Saturday, 28 September 2013

Putting it All Together: Quidi Vidi Field School Preparing for Presentation to Community

Happy Saturday, folks!

This morning we're all at Quidi Vidi Plantation and are busy preparing for our final presentation to the community tomorrow. There's no shortage of tea and snacks today as we discuss how best to condense our three week experience into a several minute video. We've been wrangling amongst ourselves about what absolutely needs to be included- not an easy feat, considering all seven of us have had many experiences in the time we've been here. Luckily we've become great friends and as of yet, I'm happy to report there have been no major disagreements- besides, of course, what music we should be playing in our tiny workspace.

Over the course of our time here, you've been given a daily glimpse into what we're up to. I guess with this final post, we really just wanted to collectively say thank you to everyone who has helped make this field school come together- in particular, the Department of Folklore, the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland, the City of St. John's, the Quidi Vidi Village Foundation, and of course, the wonderful residents of Quidi Vidi Village. Three weeks ago, I don't know that any of us could have imagined just how much we were going to have learned and we are excited to have the opportunity to share it with you.

Please join us tomorrow evening at 7pm at the Quidi Vidi Plantation where we will be presenting our research to the community. We look forward to seeing you there!

Quidi Vidi Field School 2013
Kayla Carroll
Christine Blythe
Adrian Morrison
Xuan Wang
Klara Nichter
Kari Sawden
John LaDuke

l-r Adrian Morrison, John LaDuke, Xuan Wang, Kayla Carroll, Christine Blythe, Klara Nichter and Kari Sawden 

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